Simply move the mouse around to control the white block.

Collect the yellow blocks to add to your score and the blue blocks to add to the score multiplier, which will increase the value of yellow blocks.

Hitting a red block however will decrease your health (number in the white block) and halve your multiplier. Once you reach zero health it's game over!

The game is still a work in progress. I'm aware the music doesn't quite match up, it's free from I am looking to create my own soundtrack and add special pickups and possibly other modes. Maybe even turn it into a rhythm game or something. I'm open to any suggestions.

Install instructions

No install required! Just unzip the files and run the exe.


Download 27 MB


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The game is very simple, but has so tense music that is excellent for a RPG game made with RPG Maker MV and VX ace.

Thanks for the feedback, but it was made with Unity not RPG Maker :)


I didn't say the game was made in RPG maker, because that was already made with Unity since I've played. I just said that the music suitable for the program.