Jump (space bar) and move (WASD) around and try to reach the green square. If it's a bit hard to fit, try getting to the red squares and see what they do!

Controllers should work too!

The plan is to develop this further and do a multiplayer mode where you race each other, possibly try and make some AI too. The levels would also probably be better for speedruns and stuff if the red zone's didn't spawn randomly. Perhaps powerups and merging cubes and stuff too, feel free to give me some suggestions :)

This was made in a weekend for the Ludum Dare 37 game jam.


For now though there are only four levels, I forgot ludum dare was on until Saturday night so I was in a bit of a rush to get it all finished!

Install instructions

Just download, unzip and run the exe!


OneRoomWindows.zip 14 MB

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